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The history of the CRYLA Company


was created in 1951 by Gérard Langel (the founding CEO). The company was at that time specialized in watchmaking (watch housings and components).
In the 60s, the company diversified, notably entering into the field of aeronautics.
The strong point of  during this period was the manufacture of razor blades.  was also very present in the washing machine industry.
In the 70s, Mr Langel decided to sell the company. Artus showed an interest in buying it. At that time, the company was already diversified, with its machining capacity, it was very present in the aircraft market. We can note the arrival of punch presses at that time.



  was sold to the Artus group in 1978 and became a subsidiary of the Kollmorgen group.
A new CEO is then appointed: Mr. Fallin. He continued the company's orientation towards aeronautics (connectors, cut and welded components).

In 2000,  made its first approach into the medical field at a trade event. Its main industries were at that time aeronautics (55%) and watchmaking (17.5%). In just 10 years, the medical sector has become one of its flagship areas of expertise (25%).

In 2001 Artus was acquired by Danaher (approximately 60 000 employees).  had at that time 45 employees.

In 2009 Mr. Bisiaux, the general manager who had been in place for 10 years, formed a partnership with Mr. Gomez, who was in charge of industrialization, and bought all  shares from the Danaher company. At that time, an industrial holding company was created under the name EXCAMED. This company now employs about 70 people.

In 2010, ambitious investments were planned and implemented including the replacement of the machine tools.

In 2011, construction of a new plant (3,500 m²) which was to be operational in 2013 is decided upon;

In July 2011, EXCAMED buys several design offices and a prototyping company specializing in development for the luxury sector. This entity is named CRYLA DEVELOPMENT.
On 19 August 2013, the entire CRYLA team moves into the new CRYLA and Cryla Development premises in the heart of the Témis Technopole in Besançon.

vocation today is:
- To support its customers in aeronautic component subassembly.
- To support its customers from components to end products in the medical sector.
- To support and develop its luxury sector.